i swear if you like severus snape you are one fucked up person

You're not embarrassed by not wearing a bra? I probably would too if i didn't get embarrassed and felt like everyone was staring at them.


my tits are nothing to be ashamed of and i refuse to let people bully me into the ideology that my nipples are dangerous and offensive

"I’m the pre-eminant Ezra of my time" (x)



i somehow landed on the “Woman” wikipedia page, only to find out that laverne cox is the FIRST person in the collage and i cannot tell you how happy this makes me!!!!!!!!




peep poop

ngl this took so much energy out of me 

im thinking about the look for tomorrow

over the course of this summer ive changed a lot and im finally becoming the person i want to be and its :) 

im not going to be able to get any sleep tonight so im preparing for covering up the circles i will have under my eyes tomorrow